Supersmart electronics is a terrible company to do business with.

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I purchased an ink system for my Canon printer, only to find the one that was sent to me had to be modified to work even though it was listed as being an exact fit.After finally getting it installed I found on my prince to come out green.

I didn't have this problem with the CISS I purchased from inkjetfly. When I contacted the owner of the company Alexander for help, he was extremely rude to the point of being insulting. I did manage to get the super secret supersmart company phone number (you will notice it is not posted on the website because the owner does not want to have to ssupport anyone).

After being called a "hillbilly" by the owner (I assume because I live in Virginia), he seemed very surprised when I called him and asked him about his antics.If you want to speak to the owner, you can contact him at 727 515 3384 The owners name is Alexander Malychkin.

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Supersmart Electronics = RIPOFF!!!

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I bought this MP3 player form Supersmart Electronics and when it arrived I already knew I was sending it back. So I opened and made sure I didn't like it, which I didn't. Plus the *** thing didn't even work. It wouldn't shut off and sometimes it wouldn't even turn on. A complete waste of $89.99. So I emailed the company telling them my concern, and instead of return instructions I received and email telling me how to work the *** thing. As if I was ***.

So after 10 emails back and forth they give me their return address and I send it back. Now the only thing they asked me to do when sending it back was to write these numbers on the envelope so that they knew it was from me. Well now they're claiming they never got the returned piece of *** and they're insisting I give them a tracking number. Well this was 3MONTHS AGO!!!! I am so angry that I wasted $90 on absolutely nothing.

Do not buy products from this company. They lie, rip you off, and talk down to you. Its not worth it!!!!

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Yea, the same thing is happening to me.I got CIS canon cartridges from them and they aren't working.

So I ask for a return and they are demanding that I follow a huge list of steps to troubleshoot. I did. After 15 emails or so, they request that I take pictures and send it back to them.

I don't have time to do this, I just want to return the item.They won't let me return it.

RIP OFF company, BEWARE.

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